GEF/SGP is a corporate programme for UNDP, UNEP and World Bank designed to support sustainable development activities in developing countries. It was established to finance actions at community level to address five critical threats to the global environment: biodiversity loss, climate change, land degradation, international waters and persistent organic pollutants. Accordingly, the SGP Programme in Zimbabwe is inviting applicants to submit project proposals for a capacity building and knowledge management grant to cover the following areas:

1. SECTION A: Capacity development – GEFSGP Stakeholder workshops
1.1 Activities• Organizing and facilitate 3 GEFSGP stakeholder/training workshops for SGP grantees and partners in Gweru (Covering Matabeleland, Midlands and Masvingo), Harare (covering Mashonaland West, East & Central) and Mutare (the other part of Mashonaland East & Manicaland)  • Organize 1 exchange visit for NSC and partners to SGP projects• Organize 1 exchange visit for grantees under the 3 landscapes


The Best Practice and Knowledge Fair is a key activity designed to support networking and knowledge exchange among SGP grantees as well as other CSOs and the public to promote replication and scaling up of projects and best practices. It is also expected to strengthen the capacity of civil society to influence policy development processes through participation in events that draw in influential individuals and institutions. 
2.2 Activities • Organize 1 national knowledge fair in Harare• Organize and provide for hands-on training using short seminars on certain practical and innovative processes, methodologies, and technologies (topics to be provided by GEFSGP office).• Include Lecture Series on relevant topics by practitioners and experts including the media. • Organize for exhibit booths that show successful projects through models, presentations, photos, videos, and sample and/or sale of products, among others. • Select 5 projects to present on their work• Create and/or strengthen a network or platform to continue the knowledge exchange after the fair• Select 4 projects for awards that have done outstanding work


• Produce 5 case studies potential for replication, scaling up and policy change – 15 copies• Produce a publication to commemorate 25 Years in Action – 20 copies• Produce lessons learnt document for SGP – 10 copies• Produce article on youth participation and mainstreaming in projects – 20 copies• Production 2-page fact sheets on GEFSGP thematic areas  Biodiversity – 20 copies Climate change – 20 copies Land degradation – 20 copies International waters – 10 copies Chemicals – 20 copies Agroecology – 20 copies Gender mainstreaming – women participation – 20 copies Youth participation – 20 copies Indigenous people – 10 copies• Produce brochures on GEFSGP – 50 copies• NSC appreciation products – production of t-shirts & caps for the NSC members • Production of award certificates for the outstanding grantees and most supportive Rural District Council. 

• Conduct gender analysis/assessment for the country and 4 projects under Shurugwi Landscape.• Assess Shurugwi landscape on whether they have incorporated gender specific activities, outputs, outcomes, and disaggregated indicators in project design.• Conduct gender mainstreaming training for grantees during stakeholder workshops• Produce knowledge and guidance materials on how to mainstream gender in community-based projects – 10 copies• Create partnerships with gender/women’s organization in the country• Ensure projects have targets on gender issues• Connect women group projects at the national level with regional and/or global networks• Come up with gender mainstreaming strategy or gender action plan for country programme
Prospective applicants should meet the following criteria:  o Proof of registration of the Organization• Track record of engagement in similar work of organizing workshops, knowledge fairs and documentation • Critical mass of skilled staff in the areas of gender, training, monitoring, organizing workshops and documentation• Copies of documents/publications that have been produced before by the organisation • Ability and willingness to work in partnership with other organizations and government.• Own Organization contribution – (co-financing)

The proposal outline is available at GEFSGP offices. Please submit your proposal by Friday – 20 October 2017 addressed to the following address:
The National Co-ordinatorUNDP-Global Environment Facility Small Grants ProgrammeGround Floor Block 9 Arundel Office Park, Norfolk Road, Mount Pleasant,Harare, Zimbabwe.Tel: +263 4 338 836-44 Ext. 272Email : tsitsi.wutawunashe@undp.orgC.c