By Staff Writer

The Africa Centre for Climate Change Knowledge Foundation, ACCCKF, the pioneering and award winning African website on Climate Change, agriculture and the environment has introduced a new column which is expected to cement our position as the authentic voice on the three subjects.

Known as ‘Expert Voices’, the column to be uploaded on will see specialists on Climate Change, agriculture and the environment adding their expert voices to the discourse on the three subjects.

This is expected to strengthen our drive for the generation of information and awareness raising on Climate Change, agriculture and the environment.

This is the first development of its kind in Africa as previously, only news articles written by professional journalists were uploaded on the website to the exclusion of specialists.

Tapiwa Makosa, a member of the ACCCKF editorial team described the development as ‘very exciting amid expectations to improve the quality of debate on Climate Change, agriculture and the environment in Zimbabwe, Africa and beyond’.

“The website has scooped several awards as a result of the high quality of stories by African journalist and the coming on board of experts on Climate Change, agriculture and the environment provides experts an opportunity for our readers to access information from different professionals.”

The reason for coming up with the ‘Expert Voices’ column is to enable different specialists to speak or write about their areas of specialization.

Makosa, said Climate Change was inextricably linked to agriculture and the environment and the organization had made a strategic move to generate information and improve awareness on the issues using the voices of experts.

ACCCKF is now a global media organization with a loyal readership in all the continents.

“Our readers include farmers, students, researchers, workers, the elderly and different members of society and the launch of ‘Expert Voices’ is an acknowledgement of the differences in terms of age, professions and geographical locations of our audiences,” said Makosa.


Featured Image: ACCCKF Editorial Member Tapiwa Makosa