Alltooetools 2pcs Auto Cv Joint Boot Banding Clamps Pliers Car T Surprise price T,2pcs,Joint,Pliers,,Alltooetools,Clamps,Car,Cv,Banding,Boot,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Auto,/hypostomous256706.html,$16 $16 Alltooetools 2pcs Auto Cv Joint Boot Clamps Pliers Car Banding T Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools $16 Alltooetools 2pcs Auto Cv Joint Boot Clamps Pliers Car Banding T Tools Home Improvement Power Hand Tools Alltooetools 2pcs Auto Cv Joint Boot Banding Clamps Pliers Car T Surprise price T,2pcs,Joint,Pliers,,Alltooetools,Clamps,Car,Cv,Banding,Boot,Tools Home Improvement , Power Hand Tools,Auto,/hypostomous256706.html,$16

Alltooetools OFFicial mail order 2pcs Auto Cv Joint Boot Banding Clamps Pliers Car T Surprise price

Alltooetools 2pcs Auto Cv Joint Boot Clamps Pliers Car Banding T


Alltooetools 2pcs Auto Cv Joint Boot Clamps Pliers Car Banding T

Product description

Size:2 pcs set

About the CV Joint Ear Clamp Banding Tool amp; Boot Crimp Pliers, 2 Piece Kit
Tighten, secure, and even crimp a CV boot banding strap with the CV Joint Ear Clamp Banding Tool amp; Boot Crimp Pliers 2-Piece Kit 10mm Fuel, Cooling System, Vacuum Hose Clamping Set. You can use these tools with any ear-type banding up to 2/5-inch (10mm) in width.

CV Joint Clamp Tool
CV Joint Clamp Tool constructed from zinc-plated alloy steel for strength and resistance to corrosion. Features a 4.25-inch (10.8cm) long plastic handle and 1-inch (2.5cm) long rubber grips on side levers.\

CV joint clamp banding tool for ear-type hose clips found on a fuel hose, cooling system, and vacuum hoses.
Plier works on steering gear gaiters and fuel hoses on compatible with VAG, compatible with Opel, compatible with BMW, compatible with Mercedes Benz, compatible with Honda, compatible with Nissan, compatible with Mazda, and more.

Wrap free-end clamps 3/8-inch or 1/4-inch roll band and clip around boot, thread band through clip to tool nose and through winding mandrel slot.
Place 1/2-inch ratchet wrench on winding mandrel and turn until tension is applied, rotate tool over boot bending band back onto clip to apply tension and use cutter pliers.
To complete clamping, fold down remaining band tail band into clip and secure by tapping down clip ears clip.

Use to quickly and easily tighten, secure, and even crimp a CV boot banding strap.
Comprehensive set allows you to tighten and cut a band with the built-in cutter and winding mechanism.

Alltooetools 2pcs Auto Cv Joint Boot Clamps Pliers Car Banding T

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