By Muvengwanehama Shava

Farmers in Zimbabwe can get peace of mind through participating in Agrisure, an AGRIBANK insurance facility underwritten by Alliance Insurance.

Unpredictable and extreme weather conditions caused by Climate Change are some of the challenges that farmers have to grapple with on a regular basis.

Extreme weather conditions manifest themselves in the form of    hailstorms, floods, droughts, strong winds and heat waves.

According to AGRIBANK, insuring with Agrisure makes  business sense as AGRIBANK were specialists in agriculture.

In addition, they have a nationwide branch network with offices in all the country’s 10 farming provinces.

Agrisure offers the following products.

1.       Crop Insurance – Agrisure Crop Insurance covers the farmer for field to floor risks that may cause damage or loss to their crop.

 2.       Homeowners Insurance- Home is where your heart is, along with a healthy chunk of your net worth. Your house is  one of your most important investments, so be sure to protect with a Homeowners Insurance Policy. Coverage can be for house owners, house holders, personal risks and pets insurance.

 3.       Motor Insurance- The Agrisure Motor Insurance Cover  is the most comprehensive  insurance for your  motor vehicles. Agrisure Motor Insurance  is simply the most extensive form  of motor insurance cover in Zimbabwe. It offers the following options; Comprehensive, Full Third Party Fire and Theft, Full Third Party and Road Traffic Act.

 4.       Hospital Cash Back- The Agrisure Hospital Cash plan will cushion you at your time of need ensuring that you have peace of mind should you become  hospitalized as a result of an accident.