Solera Max 72% OFF 285500 Power Awning Kit Switch Black - $22 Solera 285500 Power Awning Switch Kit - Black Automotive RV Parts Accessories Awning,Kit,$22,Automotive , RV Parts Accessories,Black,,/isodactylism31005.html,Solera,285500,Power,-,Switch Awning,Kit,$22,Automotive , RV Parts Accessories,Black,,/isodactylism31005.html,Solera,285500,Power,-,Switch $22 Solera 285500 Power Awning Switch Kit - Black Automotive RV Parts Accessories Solera Max 72% OFF 285500 Power Awning Kit Switch Black -

Solera Max 72% OFF Oakland Mall 285500 Power Awning Kit Switch Black -

Solera 285500 Power Awning Switch Kit - Black


Solera 285500 Power Awning Switch Kit - Black

Product description


Put the power back into your RV or trailer power awning with the Solera Power Awning Switch Kit. This replacement kit is compatible with all Solera power awnings and includes a wire harness. With minimal assembly required, you’ll quickly have your power awning extending and retracting with a push of a button. Durably designed with heavy-duty plastic that’s also easy to wipe off, campers can have peace of mind knowing their replacement switch was built to take on the road ahead. Plus, it comes backed by a limited, one-year manufacturer’s . Made in the USA by a name you can trust, this is the perfect replacement switch to get your awning operating like new again. Don’t wait, order your Solera Power Awning Switch Kit today. Lippert Components, (LCI )

From the manufacturer

Solera by Lippert


RV Awnings and Accessories

The Solera Universal line of awnings and accessories makes it simple and easy to replace your awning. Featuring universal application, Solera products work with competitor awning brands as well as many of Solera’s most popular awnings and accessories. With a wide variety of innovative Solera awning models and accessories to choose from, Solera Universal saves time, money and stress. We also offer upgrades and accessories for your awnings like Universal Shades and Rooms, Universal Replacement Fabrics and Slide Toppers.

Solera 285500 Power Awning Switch Kit - Black

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