The Africa Centre for Climate Change Knowledge Foundation, ACCCKF, has launched a program to sink boreholes in rural areas as part of   empowerment initiatives for women and girls.

By Staff Writers 

The foundation is a non for profit organization manned by volunteers and seeks to provide awareness on issues pertaining to Climate Change while making practical interventions on the negative impacts of Climate Change on African communities.

Through its website,, the foundation has won awards for providing quality information on Climate Change and the environment which has seen its readership growing to cover  all parts of the globe.

ACCCKF Trustee,  Sithabile  Dhlakama said in rural  Africa, fetching water for domestic and sanitation purposes  was  in most cases, the responsibility  of women and girls.

In some instances, those responsibilities included sourcing the precious liquid for watering livestock, poultry and nutrition gardens.

“As a result of Climate Change, girls are kept away from school and self development as they spend a lot of time trying to collect water.”

Dhlakama said the negative impacts of Climate Change were hitting Africa very hard.

“Some of the impacts of Climate Change that we are experiencing in Africa include more frequent droughts and increasing temperatures which naturally make access to safe water a big challenge.

“Because of the roles  that women and girls play in accessing safe water in  Africa, they bear the brunt of the negative effects of Climate Change through water responsibilities,” said Dhlakama.

Although communities will be the major beneficiaries of the project through provision of clean  water, it is expected to reduce the workload of women and girls.

The provision of clean water for some rural communities by The Foundation would enable girls and women to spend more time in school and to spend more time on school related activities such as homework.

Already, in some African countries, rural  girls have the added burden of failing to access sanitary wear, which also keeps them out of school for a considerable time.