Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) working on Climate Change adaptation have been called to collaborate together so as to access the limited funding opportunities.

By Tapiwa Makosa

The call was made by Participatory Ecological Land Use Management Zimbabwe (PELUM-ZWE) country director; Getrude Pswarayi-Jabson at a conference unpacking a recent study on “Opportunities for Accessing International Climate Adaptation Finance for Civil Society Organizations in Zimbabwe”.

The study notes that there is limited funding that CSOs can access, and it tries to explore ways in which CSOs can have better access to these finances, hence the call for local CSOs to work together as consortiums rather than compete.

“The whole purpose of this workshop, or dialogue is to get CSOs together under one roof, to get to understand the findings from the study and strategize a way forward in terms on how they can access climate funding considering that there is limited finance and there are many restrictions that CSOs have to clear before accessing the funds”, said Pswarayi-Jabson.

The study revealed that of the Climate Adaptation funding that Zimbabwe received in the past five years most was accessed by international NGO’s, with local implementing partners.

“While international NGOs have accessed significant climate funding either individually or as a lead agents of consortiums, local NGOs have struggled to access climate finance directly.

“Local CSOs in Zimbabwe are often prevented from accessing climate funds directly due to the large size of available grants, donor partner preference and the absence of an enhanced direct access mechanism,” posited the study.

Zimbabwe currently does not have institutions accredited as a National Implementing Entity, so as to access direct to the Green Climate Fund. However, efforts are being made to have the Environmental Management Agency (EMA) and the Infrastructure Development Bank of Zimbabwe (IBDZ) accredited with the GCF as implementing entities.


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